Somerville Open Studios 2008

Studio view
Transition Green mini
Transition Green A
Transition Green B
Transition Purple A
Transition Purple B
Center Balance
Tipsy by Tova
Studio view
Studio view
Studio view
Studio View
Mural wall


Playing with the ideas of timelines, growth, and movement, this exhibit utilizes highly saturated colors to explore the theme of transitions. The wood is scrap from a closet that never was, and was painted as found. The grooves do not stop the flow of each piece and, in stepping back to look at the installation from a more distant perspective, they show more as an inherent pattern rather than an obstacle. Segments of light and dark colors alternate, lending to the idea that change is not always unidirectional in movement. Moments of transition tend to develop greater significance when we realize the larger picture and recognize that often it is the process itself that is most important.
The center piece is about balance. It is not clearly a mirror image but when studied, does prove to be an inversion of the same shape. What may first seem top heavy, random, or cumbersome, proves to contain a hidden equilibrium that makes more sense the longer it is considered. This imperfect balance is at the core of every transition, pulling in different directions, yet somehow stable, beautiful, and affirming.