Somerville Open Studios 2007

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The Ascent
Inner Illumination
Autumn V
Upward Bound
Studio view
Studio view
Studio view
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Tipsies by Tova

Vertical Horizons

Walking by my office one day I came upon an eight-foot scrap of wood on the side of the road. Defaced with saw marks, I nearly left it to become the trash it had been intended to be. Upon further inspection, I found a rather interesting grain pattern on the other side and decided to grab it anyway. I unexpectedly found myself drawn to the cut-up side months later when I was ready to begin painting. There was something so powerful about the rawness of the scarred face of the wood. I was disappointed by my original hasty judgment and found new perspective in the hidden but still vibrant energy of the wounded wood.

This exhibit is inspired by the height of the sawed piece that, with so many cuts, perhaps should no longer be standing as it is. The collection is about upward movement as it exists simultaneously with the forward passage of time. When the vertical meets the horizontal – which way do you direct your gaze?