Scrap Wood

Many thanks and much appreciation to the following people who have generously donated scrap wood for my art:

  • Steve Grindl
  • Pradeep Sarin
  • Andrew Man-Hon Lau
  • Fay Chandler
  • Ben Welch and Eli Beckerman
  • Faith Hyde
  • Ellen and Allan Krueger
  • Meyer Himmelstein
  • Simon Tetelbaum
  • Debbie Glazer
  • Frank Himmelstein
  • Richard
  • Sandy Speter
  • Victoria Larson


Thanks to Lauren Krueger and Anna Engle who helped launch me into the world of websites, and especially to Carlos Drew d'Avis who helped bring my website to the next level.


Deepest thanks to my husband, Pete, my son, Ilan, and my daughter, Yaara, who support and inspire me each and every day.