About the Art

I am drawn in and mesmerized by the artistic process through which the imagination is visually realized. Seeking to expose the obvious that is often overlooked; I use color to offer a glimpse into the amazing natural beauty that may otherwise remain unseen. In my current work, I utilize found wood as a conduit for an exploration of the energy found within. The grain serves as my guide on a journey into the lines, shapes, and flow of the composition of the wood. In transforming the pieces of scrap wood (that others thought as nothing more than trash) into works of art highlighting each piece's natural greatness, I hope to share the idea that everything has an inherent beauty that will shine through when the time is taken to look at it from a new perspective. Special thanks to those who have donated their scrap wood.

Featured Show

a collaborative and interactive blacklight experience

December 5, 2018
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 4:30pm